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About Leer Unique

We are people who have completed the integration program ourselves. We speak your language and understand your needs. We know what works and which methods are best for mastering the language as well as possible. Leer Unique is aware of everything a newcomer has experienced before starting the integration program. Our goal is to offer you the highest level of language proficiency. 

We will guide you to find your own path in Dutch society. We will do this by offering you not only NT2 (Dutch as a Second Language) and integration lessons but also various training sessions and courses that will enhance your position in the job market.
We're here to guide you towards success in an effective and efficient manner. We'll not only assist you in passing your exams but also support you as much as possible in building your future here in the Netherlands.

Leer Unique aims to support newcomers by providing quality education, which is the first step in helping you promote your integration into the Netherlands. Additionally, Leer Unique will make efforts to assist you in improving your position in the Dutch job market as much as possible. Leer Unique is aware of the challenges you will face after completing integration, and therefore, it will leverage its knowledge and network to guide you in this regard.

At Leer Unique you'll find various courses that suit your personal goals and prepare you for your civic integration exams, staatsexamen, or work. The entire program is available to follow with us; from literacy to professional jargon and general knowledge. 

At Leer Unique, you not only learn the language but also get introduced to Dutch culture and society. We provide personalized attention as we work with small groups and have a team filled with passion and professionalism.